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Financial Services Copywriter

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What to look for in a Financial Services Copywriter – someone who focuses on the Pennies or Pounds?

Financial Services Copywriter

So what is a ‘Financial Services Copywriter’?

The big challenge for any ‘Financial Services Copywriter’, is as a sector it covers a huge amount of services and products. So copywriters can come in all shapes and sizes and can cost pennies or pounds. So how do you choose?

Expert or all-rounder?

So do you need an expert that has very specific knowledge of your particular niche area? Maybe, but probably not. A good copywriter should be able to apply the experience and knowledge of the ‘Financial Services’ they have to a whole range of products or services. If greater inspiration is required then detailed desk research or working in partnership with area experts should provide the depth of detail required. If not, then I would suggest, you are not looking for a copywriter but an area expert, but note that not all experts are great writers. What I would recommend is that you qualify them on the accumulated experience and knowledge they have, not where they got it. If you’re interested in the benefits of hiring a consultant then check out this blog.

So I don’t need a copywriter with any financial services experience?

That’s not what I am saying. Any copywriter who has worked in any branch of financial services will appreciate the particular nuances of the sector, the need to make the complex, readable and concise, the pressures that regulation puts on anything that is written and the variety of stakeholders involved in getting anything published. It is the breadth and quality of the copywriter’s work that should provide the gauge with which to measure them. It is this insight and intelligence that you are looking for.

The right tool for the right job

The job should always dictate the tool, you wouldn’t want to dig a ditch with a teaspoon, alternatively, you wouldn’t want to stir your tea with a JCB! As a copywriter, if you are looking to complete a whitepaper that only a handful of people around the world would understand or appreciate, then you don’t need to worry about keywords and search intent, the understanding and ability to apply the correct tool is as important as having the right tools in the first place. With the ever-increasing demand for ‘content’ over ‘copy’, it pays to have a copywriter that knows the difference.

What should I look for?

Don’t be drawn into reading reams upon reams of papers that may or may not have been written with your persona in mind. Ask to see examples based on desired outcomes that relate to what you are looking to achieve. If you are looking to create web-based copy that is keyword rich and written with a clear understanding of the readers intent then ask for similar examples. Similarly, if you are looking to create a policy booklet for an insurance policy then ask for examples that show how complex, and legally necessary information has been conveyed without losing sight of the customers right to not just be informed but to understand and appreciate the information. A good copywriter will know the difference and be able to provide guidance on your content strategy.

If you looking for help with finding the right copywriter for your particular challenge, drop me a line and I would be more than happy to talk it through.