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Hiring a Consultant – why it makes good business sense

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There is a joke that hiring a consultant is like paying for someone to tell you the time using your own watch!


Without stretching the analogy too far, if you are considering hiring a consultant then quite simply the answer is: It’s time for a change. There is an ongoing debate about the need for external management consultants, here at Awenydd we like to see ourselves as able to give you an external view on where you are along the path of what you want to achieve.

So why engage with a consultant? We aren’t here to tell you how to run your business, you are the best person with all the insight needed to do that, what we do is guide and support you from an outside perspective, using the years of experience we have gathered, to help you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls associated with making big business decisions.

Awenydd are experts in Business Development in the truest sense of the term, we are here to help you develop your business in one way or many – that is up to you and your goals.

If for you Business Development is:

  • New Sales we will help you review and develop your marketing and sales processes.
  • Better Margins we will review and advise on how to improve your processes and procedures and get your cost of sales down.
  • Better Brand positioning we will work with you to identify your USP and either evolve or replace your existing brand to reflect your true vision and values.
  • Long-term growth we will identify what your long-term goals are and put in place a plan to achieve them.

The point is, that a good consultant will not replace or undermine your business management – but strengthen and broaden it’s capability. We are that extra pair of eyes to look over what you have done, constructively critique the best pathway to get where you want to go, support you in the journey to success.

If you could do with a partner like that then contact us today and see how we could help you develop your business.